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What are we doing?

At Navtej Kohli Inc., we focus on the latest technology shifts and our skilled and knowledgeable squads of technical professionals organize a detailed survey to maintain a constant harmony with the refined technology drifts.

Therefore, if you are opting to avail the web solutions that create the up to date technology viewpoint, Navtej Kohli Inc. can be your one stop destination. You could explore all the excellent web solutions that would show you the hidden stalk to achieve the echelon of success.

Miraculous Services that Gives your Business an Affluent Stance

Navtej Kohli Inc. delivers manifold overwhelming services that if implemented for your business in a proper way no one could stop to earn success in your business. Here is a brief description of the various services that you may obtain.

Search Engine Optimization: Here we develop your business globally and make it easily accessible to the millions of online users worldwide. Therefore, if your website is SEO optimized it will be displayed in the various search engines and so automatically; your website will earn huge amount of web traffic leading to high selling of your business products and services. The most efficient and familiar SEO services that we provide include link building, On Page Optimization and manifold other useful services. Our expert professionals will show you the way to recuperate from Panda and Penguine update.

Pay per Click (PPC) Services: When an online web user searches for a particular requirement, and if your business serves such purposes, then the user can easily access your website link with a single click. In addition, you are paid here in return, so even you are entitled to earn money for your business. We can even make your product highlighted on the web via Bing, Yahoo advertising. Our proficient techies at Navtej Kohli Inc. are recognized as the award certified professionals who deliver the best quality services for the clients. Overall, we are trying the best to increase and maintain your ROI.

Application Development / APS: Navtej Kohli Inc. even serves as the glorifying brand for the Application Packaging Standard. It comprises of integrated software that allows automating the circulation of your relevance and making it easily accessible to the possible online clients. We offer application software such as Mobile Applications, Facebook apps and Android Applications.

Facebook Promotion: Nowadays, Facebook forms the most recognizable social media. Therefore, if your website earns a better appreciation on the Facebook so without any doubt your purpose of the business will reach millions of Facebook users worldwide. We, at Navtej Kohli Inc, brings out various options as a hike in the number of Facebook likes, Viral Marketing, Customize tabs, Apps, Ads, etc. with the help of the latest technologies and our professional experts. Therefore, in a recent episode Facebook forms the triumphant days of online promotion.

Social Media Promotion: You can find many social media sites that own millions of online users. Therefore, with the social media sites your website could achieve a distinct gratitude.

Business Strategy Planning: Navtej Kohli Inc. incorporates a proper business strategy that aids them to achieve success in the global market.

Digital Marketing Consultancy : From the above chronicle, it is clear that to attain success in business digital marketing is obligatory. Therefore, to give your business that the stature of success selects Navtej Kohli Inc. as your digital marketing consultancy.

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